UME LLC is a company dedicated to educating and inviting new Japanese and Chinese volunteers to participate in future clinical research studies in the U.S.  
We specialize in Volunteer Recruiting and Consulting Services for 
Global Clinical Research Studies.  We only recruit healthy Japanese and Chinese study volunteers for early clinical research studies ( Phase I).  
We will be the connection between the healthy volunteers and major pharmaceutical companies/sponsors that are conducting  Japanese and/or Chinese Bridging Studies.
This connection enables us to provide the most updated and adequate studies information to our volunteer members while greatly study subject recruitment.  
We guarantee that both volunteers and sponsors would have valuable and successful experiences through working with UME LLC.


Welcome to UME LLC  

We are always looking for healthy Japanese and Chinese volunteers for a clinical research study who would like to contribute to the development of new medicines being tested that may improve the health of others.  By participating in the clinical research study, you can contribute to society/community and help other patients in the future.  
If you wish to participate in clinical research studies in the near future to be a part of advances in medical science, please fill out our Healthy Volunteer Registration Form to be our healthy volunteer member.  

We appreciate your interest and look forward to helping and supporting you to participate safely, fairly, and comfortably in Clinical research studies.
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Volunteer Recruiting and Consulting Services for Global Clinical Studies

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